Mirabelle Antiques is an antiques and decorative arts resource for the Charlottesville, Virginia, and wider antiques market, a dealer of fine antique furniture, with an emphasis on period 18th and 19th century French antiques and Continental antiques, also carrying period English antiques, American antiques and decorative accessories. Mirabelle Antiques welcomes inquiries by phone and email.


Mirabelle Antiques welcomes inquiries by phone and email.


Mirabelle Antiques was established in 2008 by decorative arts specialist Farrar Woltz. A student of Art History at the University of Virginia, Farrar Woltz subsequently pursued in depth study of the decorative arts within the framework of Architectural History and Art History at the University of Delaware and at the Courtauld Institute, London, receiving an M.A. in Art History from University of Delaware in 1996. While finishing her thesis in 1995, she went to work in New York for the established and highly respected antiques dealer Clinton Howell, who specializes in the finest 18th and 19th c. English furniture and decorative arts. In 1998, Farrar left Clinton Howell Antiques to pursue training as a decorative painter at the Institut Supérieur de la Peinture Décorative de Paris, in Paris, France, and afterward, she established her own decorative painting business first in New York, and later, in Virginia..


“I have now returned to my love of decorative arts and antique furniture and have established my own antiques business called Mirabelle Antiques. Antique furniture is something I have known and loved my entire life. Antiques were a passionate pursuit for my parents and grandparents, and I distinctly remember at the age of ten, catching the bug myself.

I am especially interested in period French, Italian and other Continental antiques, and I will always carry a selection of English and American. I look for pieces of quality and flair. I want to carry pieces that are wonderful to look at and live with. I have lived in England and France, where I traveled widely, always in pursuit of great architecture and fabulous interiors. I developed a sense of style that draws heavily on this experience.

The goal of Mirabelle Antiques is to provide a fine and varied selection of pieces, from the serious and valuable to the not-so-serious but nevertheless delightful. Good “style” pieces, that is, non-period pieces of antique furniture of exceptional quality are sometimes a part of the mix. The important thing is knowing the difference, and knowing that you can rely on the expertise and integrity of a dealer to make the distinction between period and “style” pieces clear. I am always happy to discuss date, materials and condition. It is my utmost concern to provide the most accurate information regarding all pieces sold by Mirabelle Antiques.

I will be happy to help locate particular pieces for interior designers and individuals with specific size and aesthetic requirements. Stock and search inquiries are invited by phone, shop: 434-293-3646, cell: 804-651-9631 or by email:”

Farrar Woltz





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